Aloe Ferox in Albertinia goes off grid

We are excited to announce our latest success story in the heart of Albertinia – providing Aloe Ferox with a fully off grid solar solution.

At Solar Energy Architects, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional solar solutions, and this project was no exception.

Our mission is to revolutionize the energy landscape with sustainable power, and this installation demonstrates our dedication to that goal. With a powerful 151.51kWp Solar DC capacity, Aloe Ferox now harnesses the sun’s energy to the fullest, beating load shedding and reducing its carbon footprint with this completely off grid system.

Aloe Ferox Albertinia

The 150kVa ATESS inverter expertly converts solar energy into usable AC power, ensuring a seamless flow of electricity throughout the property. But the innovation doesn’t stop there – we integrated a 229kWp LiFeP04 battery energy storage system, providing Aloe Ferox with a reliable backup during cloudy days or grid outages. Safety and continuity were our top priorities, which is why we integrated a generator into the system. Now, Aloe Ferox can enjoy uninterrupted power supply, making it truly self-sufficient and resilient.

At Solar Energy Architects, we take pride in empowering our clients with clean, renewable energy solutions. Aloe Ferox’s journey towards sustainability is an example of our commitment to a greener, load shedding free future.