Floating Solar

SEA are the proud developers of the largest floating solar PV plant in Africa.

We are suppliers of floating solar structures as a stand-alone product or we can take your project from feasibility to operations and maintenance.

Floating solar is an ideal solution in the following situations:

  • Water conservation – Reduced water loss due to evaporation; Control of algae growth.
  • Roof space is limited, or ground area is not available (or cannot be surrendered due to agriculture)

Advantages of floating solar:

  • Water conservation

  • Land resource conservation

  • Power generation improvement – due to cooler solar panels, floating PV plant give 10% more generation than roof mounted solar PV plants

  • Convenient operations and maintenance

  • Easy installation

Advantages of floating solar

Typical industries and applications:

  • Mining reclamation

  • Agricultural dams and ponds

  • Sewage treatment reservoirs

  • Large dams and ponds

Floating Products

Floating Products

System Solution

System Solution

Cable Floating Solutions

Cable Floating Solution
Single Cable Solution
Multiple Cable Solution