Port Owen Client can now save up to 80% in electricity costs

We are excited to share the successful installation of a cutting-edge solar system for our esteemed client in Port Owen.

We’ve equipped our client with the latest 8kVA Sunsynk Inverter, known for its exceptional performance and reliability. It’s the heart of their solar system, efficiently converting sunlight into usable energy. The 14.3kWH SolarMD Battery ensures a reliable power supply even during cloudy or nighttime hours, and to maximize energy production, we installed sixteen high-efficiency 545W solar panels.

Our client can now experience remarkable savings on their electricity costs. With this solar installation, they can expect to save between 70% and 80% on their monthly bills – this comes at just the right time as Eskom has implemented double digit increases recently. The solar system also ensures a consistent power supply, allowing our client to avoid disruptions and inconvenience caused by grid outages. They can enjoy uninterrupted electricity, even during times of high demand or load shedding periods.

At Solar Energy Africa, we pride ourselves on our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction. Our team of skilled professionals handled the installation with precision, ensuring every component was integrated seamlessly for optimal performance.

Are you ready to unlock the potential of solar energy and enjoy substantial savings while making a positive impact on the environment? The great news is that we can also finance the system for you that comes with a monthly instalment, instead of a large upfront cost.