Power Purchase Agreement for Green Meadows

Slash your business electricity costs with our Power Purchase Agreements

Are high electricity bills eating into your business profits? Are you looking to improve your cash flow without upfront costs? Our Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) offer a solution. With no capital outlay, you can be cash flow positive from day one – without the burden of load shedding!

What exactly is a Power Purchase Agreement?

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a contract between an energy provider and a client. The provider installs, operates, and maintains renewable energy systems on the client’s property. The consumer agrees to purchase the electricity generated at an agreed-upon rate, typically much lower than Eskom rates, for a fixed term. This allows the client to benefit from clean energy without the upfront costs of installation and maintenance.

Eskom’s relentless price hikes are prompting businesses and households to seek alternative energy sources. Nersa’s approval of a 12.74% electricity tariff hike means South Africans will pay 33.8% more than just two years ago. This trend makes renewable energy increasingly appealing financially. A Power Purchase Agreement offers an affordable solution.

Consider the success of our recent project at Green Meadows Lifestyle Village:

The setup: 828kWp Solar, 630kVa ATESS, 1.4MW IES Battery Storage

The benefits: The client is saving costs and improving cash flow without any initial investment. Plus, over 900 students at the village can study uninterrupted – free from the hassles of load shedding.

Make the switch to renewable energy today and start reaping the benefits. Contact us to learn more about our Power Purchase Agreements and how they can transform your business’s energy landscape.