Renewable Energy in Stellenbosch with Rubicon and Discovery

Solar Energy Architects, in an exceptional partnership with Rubicon and Discovery, has recently delivered a bespoke solar solution in Stellenbosch.

This remarkable solar installation features world-class components:

8 x kW Deye Inverter: Precision engineering at its best, efficiently converting sunlight into a reliable and clean energy source.

2 x 5kWh Weco Batteries: These powerful batteries expertly store surplus energy, ensuring a continuous power supply day and night.

10 x 460w JA Solar Panels: These panels harness the abundant African sun with unmatched efficiency, making the most of this valuable resource.

Beyond the immediate benefits of reduced energy bills, this partnership champions sustainability and offers a glimpse of a future free from the grip of load shedding. Solar Energy Architects is proud to be at the forefront of this renewable energy revolution, bringing the brilliance of the sun to the heart of Boland.

Renewable Energy Stellenbosch