Rent to own Solar Solution in Fish Hoek

This rent-to-own solar project in Fish Hoek features a 5kW Sunsynk Inverter, a 5kWh Greenrich Battery, and 8 advanced 455w Solar Panels.

Our team completed another solar installation in Fish Hoek, exemplifying their commitment to sustainability and energy independence.

This integrated system optimises energy conversion and storage, minimizing reliance on Eskom and mitigating load shedding issues. The Sunsynk Inverter and Greenrich Battery combination ensures consistent power supply, eliminating the inconveniences of power outages.

The installation is a rent-to-own model – making renewable energy accessible by allowing the homeowners to gradually transition without a hefty upfront investment. This option has become increasingly popular in South Africa as it gives more people access to tailored solar energy solutions.

Solar Rent to own Fish Hoek