Sunsynk Power in Parklands

The Solar Energy Architects team recently installed a battery backup solution for a forward-thinking client from Parklands.

With a 5kW Sunsynk Inverter paired with a 5.3 kWh Sunsynk battery, we’ve transformed their energy landscape with enough storage capacity to carry some household loads through power outages.

Load shedding, a common frustration, now holds no power over this homeowner. Even in the darkest hours, their home remains brightly lit and humming with vitality. How? Through a seamless integration of cutting-edge inverter technology and battery backup.

The 5kW Sunsynk Inverter with the 5.3 kWh Sunsynk battery provides the perfect combination to keep things running! The result? A home that remains powered, appliances that keep running, and peace of mind that never fades.

Sunsynk Parklands