Worcester olive farm harnesses the power of the sun

A transformative renewable energy project has taken root in Worcester in the Western Cape.

Solar Energy Architects, pioneers in sustainable solutions, have successfully completed a groundbreaking solar installation.

This solar project marks a significant step towards a greener and load shedding free future. The forward-thinking client, residing on an olive farm looked to embrace renewable energy to power their operations sustainably. And so, the Solar Energy Architects team were summoned to bring their expertise to the table. With a deep understanding of the client’s unique energy requirements, our team designed a suitable solution – a 100kW inverter coupled with a 119.9kWp solar DC capacity. To optimize energy resilience, the team integrated a generator seamlessly into the system. This feature enables a reliable backup when the sun may be momentarily obscured by clouds, ensuring a continuous power supply to the olive farm’s essential operations.

The client’s limited roof space inspired another innovative approach – a carport structure with solar panels. This dual-purpose structure not only generates clean energy, but also provides shelter for their vehicles.

If your business needs a similar solution, be sure to contact our team. We make it happen and can even offer financing solutions.

Solar Install