Unified Initiative to Save on Energy Costs

Unified Initiative by Solar Energy Architects and SolarAfrica to Save on Energy Costs

In response to the ongoing challenge of load shedding and escalating Eskom costs, SolarAfrica and Solar Energy Architects have united for a significant solar power installation. This partnership involves a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) aimed at installing advanced solar infrastructure, comprising 3 x 125kW Sungrow Grid-tied Inverters and 809 x 550w Jinko Solar Panels.

Solar Energy Architects led the engineering and construction of the project, using their expertise in solar technology and sustainable design. Meanwhile, SolarAfrica handled the procurement and serve as the primary funder for the PPA. This collaborative approach combines the strengths of both companies to create a comprehensive solution to energy challenges in the region.

The primary objective of this initiative is twofold: firstly, to address the persistent issue of load shedding that disrupts daily life and business operations, and secondly, to mitigate the financial burden created by escalating Eskom costs.

This strategic partnership not only signifies a commitment to sustainable energy practices but also promises substantial long-term benefits for all stakeholders involved.

Engineering and Construction:
Solar Energy Architects

Procurement and PPA Funder:

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